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MMDA inaugurates new solid waste management warehouse

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has inaugurated its new solid waste management warehouse in Taguig City, which will serve as a secured holding area and stockyard for solid waste management tools and equipment.

The MMDA also provided nine barangays with tools and equipment for managing waste collection. These include chariots to be used for waste collection in accessible streets and communities, collection bins, and safety equipment.

These activities are part of the Metro Manila Flood Management Project (MMFMP) Phase 1.

MMDA General Manager Usec. Procopio Lipana said the inauguration of the warehouse, located at the Labasan Pumping Station, will help the agency to streamline the process of solid waste management collection.

“With the establishment of the Labasan Warehouse, these barangays are assured that the tools and equipment needed for solid waste management are well taken care of and maintained before distribution,” Lipana said.

As for the distributed tools, he said thee would support the barangays in the implementation of programs and activities that prevent solid wastes from reaching the pumping stations, he said.

These are also expected to encourage the community to actively participate in all solid waste management activities, he added.