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Taguig City gov’t holds workshop on proper emergency response for people with autism 

In celebration of he 27th National Autism Consciousness Week, the Taguig City government held a workshop to train its personnel on the proper emergency response for people with autism.

People with autism, their guardians, emergency responders, Taguig City police and fire department personnel attended the session, which was led by the founder of Autism Response PH, Mark Anthony Padil.

The participants were taught the use of person-first language, how to respond to emergencies involving persons with autism, how to handle encounters with law enforcement, critical care communication, and the use of first aid and calm down kits.

A calm down kit is a collection of objects and items to help people cope with their emotions in a positive and safe manner.

The participants were given these calm down kits as well as first-aid kits, and took part in stimulation and simulation exercises so that they could practice what they were taught.

This is part of efforts to make the community inclusive and to provide equal opportunity for everybody to participate, the Taguig city government said.

It wants to be a transformative, lively and caring city, it added.