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JICA President rides MRT-3 at rush hour

JICA President Tanaka Akihiko braved the MRT-3 rush hour one recent Friday so that he could see for himself how its rehabilitated trains are performing.

Tanaka and his team boarded the MRT-3 from Taft Avenue Station and rode it up to Ayala Station, the MRT-3 management said on Facebook.

He got to see for himself what Filipino commuters experience, it said.

A loan from JICA earlier paved the way for the signing of a comprehensive Rehabilitation and Maintenance Agreement to improve the safety and service level of the MRT-3.

JICA hopes to contribute to the alleviation of serious traffic congestion as well as to mitigate air pollution in Metro Manila.

The MRT-3 management said the train speed at the railway has reached 60 kph from the previous 25 kph. The interval between train arrivals has also improved to 4 minutes from 10 minutes before the rehabilitation.