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MMDA to open Motorcycle Riding Academy 

With the growing popularity of motorcycles in the country, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority plans to put up an academy to teach people the proper way of riding these vehicles.

This is intended to reduce motorcycle-related accidents and to make the roads safer.

The MMDA said it would create a technical working group to formulate the Motorcycle Safety Training Course module that would give beginners and experienced riders proper training and basic knowledge on the parts and the operation of motorcycles.

It would also teach them how to to avoid hazardous situations and to understand risk awareness and risk taking, and provide them with basic emergency response training.

Motorcycle riders are among the highest road crash fatalities in 2018, and the number of deaths increased in 2020 and 201

MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes said the Motorcycle Riding Academy would be the center of education that will provide motorcycle riders necessary riding and basic emergency response skills.

“The Academy would provide riders with formal training on both theoretical and practical aspects of motorcycle riding,” Artes said.

“Through this Motorcycle Riding Academy, we aim to further promote road safety, particularly to our motorcyclists who are very much at risk to road mishaps. It’s a good opportunity for them to refresh and hone their riding skills and to provide first aid to people who will encounter unexpected road accidents,” he added.

The training will be open to all interested participants for free and they will be given certificates upon completion of lectures, practical application, and Basic Emergency Response Course.

Lectures will be on Motorcycle Riding Courtesy, Motorcycle Orientation, Road Traffic Rules and Regulations, and Motorcycle Safety Laws; while simulation exercises include Preparing to Ride, Common Riding Situations, MC Safety Driving Demonstration, and Motorcycle Basic Riding Course.