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Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto invites residents to join Climathon Pasig 2022

Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto has called on residents to participate in this year’s Climathon Pasig 2022, which seeks to turn waste into useful items and promote renewable energy.

Sotto said this would involve two design challenges.

The first one challenges Pasigueños to turn kitchen waste into a useful resource for the community.

The second is how to make renewable energy more affordable and accessible for each household.

Sotto said the submission of project ideas has been extended to September 30, and registration to participate in the contest is free.

Once they have submitted their ideas, the Pasig Climathon will get in touch with them for the schedule and details of the pitch presentation.

The [reliminaries Pitch Presentation will be on October 1, and the announcement of finalists will be on the following day.