LTO to regularly train its traffic and law enforcement personnel

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The Land Transportation Office will regularly train traffic and law enforcement personnel to improve the implementation of traffic rules and regulations.

LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Teofilo Guadiz III said the regular training is one of the programs of his administration that seeks to improve public welfare through the proper enforcement of laws.

“I believe that with the enormous amount of personnel we have, some of them may be lacking in knowledge of traffic law enforcement. That is why we think that conducting trainings and seminars on a continuous basis is the answer. Regular trainings have long been a part of my tenure as LTO Regional Director for 12 years, so I think it’s best to apply the same now that I’m the LTO chief,” Guadiz said.

He said that at present, the agency’s traffic enforcers undergo a once a year, live-in seminar for two days that aims to help them become familiar with any changes in the laws and to allow officials to observe their movement on the roads.

He plans to make this annual training mandatory to ensure that they would not forget the trafic rules and regulations in the country.

He also said the training would not just focus on enforcers but would also include LTO district office chiefs in order to hone their managerial skills.

“Proper enforcement of the country’s traffic laws is a must, the LTO being an apprehending agency. The constant and continuing re-training will help the LTO make sure that its traffic enforcers become more efficient and knowledgeable on which specific law to apply and improve traffic apprehension methods on the road,” he said.

If motorists need to take a test before they can get a license, traffic enforcers must also have an exam on their knowledge of traffic rules and regulations, he added.