Give vape law a chance, says Valenzuela Mayor Wes Gatchalian

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The country’s new vape law regulating the use of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products has had its share of detractors, but Valenzuela Mayor Wes Gatchalian hopes they would give the new law a chance.

In a Facebook post, Gatchalian said the law was approved by 19 Senators and 195 members of the House of Representatives.

He also said the House sought the help of experts and various stakeholders and held numerous hearings and meetings to craft the measure.

He urged people to give the new law a chance to be implemented.

“Therefore, it is my humble appeal for us to respect the decision of the majority of our lawmakers and the stakeholders who took part in the lengthy, exhaustive and careful process to come up with legislation that provides comprehensive regulation of the trade of vaporized nicotine products which will protect our minors and shield our consumers from unscrupulous players and substandard items while helping our SMEs and boosting our economy,” he said.