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University of Makati denies Kabataan party list claim that it red-tagged a student

The University of Makati denied that it red-tagged a student and prevented her from re-enrolling in the school for supposedly recruiting students to join a terrorist organization, as claimed by Kabataan Partylist Makati.

In a Facebook post, the university said it has made no official decision on the re-enrollment application of student Athea Beatrice Papa to the Higher School of University of Makati as she has yet to comply with requirements.

It said Papa was never red-tagged or denied re-enrollment during her interview with university officials on July 15.

It said that during the initial interviews with the College Secretary and the guidance counselor, Papa and her mother were apprised about the Balik-Aral process that all applicants for re-enrollment have to undergo, which includes a series of interviews.

There were no accusations made against Papa during these talks, and it was her mother who brought up the fact that her daughter had stopped attending classes without her knowledge and had stopped living at home, it said.

“At no point in the said interviews was Ms. Papa accused of ‘involvement/joining terrorist organizations’ and being ‘brainwashed’ and ‘indoctrinated.’ In fact, it was her mother who tearfully narrated how Ms. Papa had stopped attending her classes without her knowledge, and that she is no longer living with her parents,” it said.

It also said Papa’s mother suggested that her daughter just continue her studies in Imus, where her family lives.

The guidance counselor offered to release Papa’s certificate of good moral character if she would follow her mother’s advice.

The school said Papa and her mother were scheduled for another interview on July 18 with the Director of the Center for Student Formation and Discipline, which is part of the re-enrollment process.

But they have yet to return for this interview.

Because of this, Papa’s application for re-admission is hanging, it said.

“Since Ms. Papa has not completed the process for re-enrollment, an official decision has yet to be made regarding her application,” it said.

The university also accused Kabataan party list of making “another false and baseless claim” by saying its handbook forbids university students from organizing.

“On the contrary, the handbook encourages UMak students to engage actively in recognized student organizations. Through the Center for Student Organization and Activities, all accredited organizations may freely organize, mobilize, and conduct activities based on their interests/specializations,” it said.

It said it remains committed to providing quality but affordable tertiary education so that the less privileged could be gainfully employed and have a chance to improve their lives.