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NCRPO chief condemns involvement of police officers in kidnapping, vows to intensify internal cleansing

The National Capital Region Police Office would not tolerate the involvement of its personnel in illegal activities, its chief Maj. Gen. Felipe Natividad said after five former Pasay police officers were convicted of kidnapping.

The police officers were convicted after they demanded P100,000 for the release of a suspect in March 2019.

“We in the PNP strongly abhor the undesirable conduct of the police scalawags. We mean discipline and we mean justice,” Natividad said.

And justice has been served in the case, he said.

“Indeed, the justice system in our country is working, it applies to all. Without fear or favor, even cops who circumvent the law will be arrested, charged and convicted,” he said.

He vowed to cleanse the police ranks.

“Likewise, with this flagrant testimony, the PNP has proven to be true and faithful to its mandate. We will further fortify the internal cleansing and will not allow undeserving cops to taint the name of the organization,” he said.

He also said the conviction of the police officers for kidnapping should serve as a warning to other law enforcers that the PNP would run after them if they are involved in illegal activities.