Mayen Juico proud to be an LGBTQ ally

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Mayen Juico is a loud and proud ally of the LGBT community.

The Quezon City councilor held up the rainbow flag during the Pride March on Saturday, happy to have contributed to wider acceptance.

“In 2014, I worked with lobbyists and advocates to ensure the passage of the Gender Fair Ordinance. I was a rookie Councilor then, barely a year on the job, taking on what seemed like a herculean task to guarantee equal rights for the LGBTQIA citizens of Quezon City, to ensure our city is a safe place for them, one where they do not experience discrimination or harassment,” the politiko said. “It was tedious, grueling and boy, was it not easy.”

“Not only was it just a policy on Anti-Discrimination, but it easily proved to be one of the highlights of my career as a legislator,” added the outgoing councilor.

“As a human being, I consider it to be one of my greatest contributions in teaching, showing, and spreading compassion and humanity/humaneness.”

Her promise: she will remain an ally even as a private citizen. Congratulations!