Quezon City nabs individual for submitting false docus for PWD IDs

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The Quezon City government has apprehended an individual who submitted falsified documents to acquire four person with disability IDs.

This was after a staff member of the Persons with Disability Affairs Office found forged signatures of medical professionals in the medical certificates submitted along with the applications for the IDs.

The applications were filed by one person who claimed to the the authorized representative of the applicants.

After this was discovered, the PDAO staff and the City Legal Department sought the help of the Quezon City Police District in arresting the individual, who will face complaints.

QC PDAO Officer-in-Charge Debbie Dacanay said the city government would not tolerate those who would falsify documents for PWD ID registration.

“The City Government will not take this issue lightly, and we will continue to apprehend and file complaints against these fixers,” Dacanay said.

She also urged PWDs to utilize Quezon City’s E-services when applying for their IDs, pointing out that they could register online for free.

Vice Mayor Gian Sotto also urged Quezon City residents to avoid transacting with fixers.

“To our residents, do not transact with fixers because the city government is working hard to make the ID application process easier. QC E-Services where you can apply online for free is already up and running.” Sotto said.

The city continues to improve its online services so that there would be no need for residents to seek the help of middlemen, he added.