MRT 3 apologizes for passenger build up at Ortigas Station

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The MRT-3 management apologized to passengers inconvenienced by the huge crowds that built up at the MRT-3 Ortigas Station on Wednesday due to the closure of a defective escalator.

Passengers and pedestrians had crammed the stairway and footbridge areas of the station, leading to complaints about the hardships that commuters have to face.

The MRT-3 management said it took immediate action to address the problem and was sorry about the incident.

“We extend our deepest apologies to all our passengers who were inconvenienced by the incident. We assure the public that we will take all the necessary steps, such as deployment of stand-by technicians, and close coordination with the Road Sector in crowd management, to prevent this incident from happening again,” it said in a statement.

It explained that the escalator was usually used by MRT-3 passengers, bus passengers, and passersby, while the stairway was usually used by MRT-3 passengers exiting the station.

When the escalator had to be closed down, the northbound stairway became the single entry and exit point of MRT-3 passengers as well as passersby.

Adding to the buildup of the crowds was the narrow walkway at the street level area that allows only one person to pass through at a time, it said.

But it said there were no long lines inside the MRT-3 platform and concourse area.

It also said MRT-3 station and security personnel immediately implemented a “stop-and-go” scheme to control and manage the crowd.

Technicians of the MRT-3 subcontractor also came to repair the escalator after being informed about the situation, and passenger flow was normalized around 9:30 a.m.