MMDA chief warns personnel vs using unregistered, no license plate vehicles

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Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chair Romando Artes has directed agency personnel to make sure that vehicles they are using are properly registered and have license plates.

Artes issued a memorandum with this reminder after a viral Facebook post of the Riders’ Safety Advocates of the Philippines showed an MMDA enforcer using a motorcycle with no license plates on the northbound late of Edsa-Boni on Monday.

The motorcycle turned out to be unregistered as well.

Artes said MMDA personnel, especially enforcers tasked to apprehend motorists violating traffic rules, have to set an example to the public.

“The MMDA is mandated to strictly implement traffic rules and regulations. Hence, we should lead by example,” he said.

He tasked Victor Maria Nuñez, Director for Enforcement of MMDA Traffic Discipline Office, to issue traffic citation tickets to Wilfredo Ordoña, the traffic enforcer seen in the viral post.

He warned MMDA employees against engaging in unlawful activities and said they would not be exempt from penalties.

“Violators will not only be issued the corresponding citation ticket but could also face administrative sanctions such as suspension and outright dismissal for contract of service personnel,” he said.

“If proven guilty, we will file the necessary administrative charges, whether permanent, casual, or on job order status, subject to applicable rules and regulations,” he added.