Wahoo Sotto proud of dog show winner pet

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Check out Wahoo Sotto’s celebrity dog!

The Parañaque councilor is so proud of his family’s Boston Terrier who made it big in a recent dog show.

“Boston Terriers have always been my first love. Our new puppy, Lily was a lovely addition to our family,” the politiko said.

“We were encouraged to include her in the 209th-210th all breed PCCI/FCI show. And to our delight, she garnered the Best Puppy and CAC Bitch awards, with a rating of ‘Very Promising’ by Judge Eugene Chua And judge Milo Valdez,” he beamed.

It’s such a stage fur parent moment for Sotto.

“Thank you, Lily our love. The 3 year wait has been worth it!,” the politiko added. “These awards are just a bonus. The joy and love you bring to our family is priceless.”