Deputy Speaker Benny Abante to support Marcos admin if it will take an anti-gambling stand

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Deputy Speaker and Manila Rep. Benny Abante may just back the administration of presumptive president-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Abante said he and fellow pastors from the Bible Believers League for Morality and Democracy (BIBLEMODE) International, Inc. are open to supporting Marcos if he would pursue anti-gambling policies that would protect the Filipino family

He made the statement after Marcos’ spokesperson Vic Rodriguez said the former was willing to let go of the revenues from e-sabong if these would compromise the value of the Filipino family.

The lawmaker said this was welcome news.

While he understands that the next administration would need to raise revenue, gambling should not be an option because the money would come from a vice that victimizes poor and low-income Filipinos, he said.

“The government should not line its pockets with money that our kababayan need for their families; why should we risk destroying the lives of our citizens to earn revenues,” he said.

“It is not worth it. Let us remember our priorities. Our priority is to help Filipino families, and we cannot help them if their breadwinners—including their children—are online, betting away their hard-earned wages,” he added.