Honey Lacuña is Manila’s first-ever female mayor

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By Prince Golez

Manila City has elected its first female mayor, Honey Lacuna.

Partial and unofficial results as of 9:02 a.m today, May 10 (96.39 percent of Manila City’s election returns) showed that Lacuna (ASENSO) got 508,801 votes, while Alex Lopez (PFP) and Amado Bagatsing (KABAKA) received 158,250 and 109,148 votes, respectively.

Results for other mayoral candidates are as follows: Christy Lim (PDR), 14,111; Elmer Jamias (PRP), 3,757; and Onofre Abad (IND), 2,459.

Lacuna’s running mate, Manila 3rd District Rep. Yul Servo Nieto also won with 554,636 votes, whose closest rival, Raymond Bagatsing (KBL) obtained 173,127 votes.

She is also a physician and the city’s first female vice mayor.