Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gacthalian happy with voter turnout so far

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Prior to the elections, Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gacthalian harbored fears that voters would stay away from polling centers because of COVID-19 fears.

But what Gatchalian has witnessed so far in the voting centers was not the scenario he dreaded.

He saw long lines and a full precinct waiting room when he went to cast his vote, he said.

He said that when the number of coronavirus infections surged in January due to the Omicron variant, he thought people might not vote because they fear getting sick.

His fears were unfounded, it turned out.

“Now I’m looking at the lines and it seems like it’s going to be a blockbuster of a turnout if lines hold like this all day long,” he said on Facebook.

Gatchalian is running for Congressman unopposed.