May pilitan? Some kakampinks pressure Vico Sotto to endorse Leni

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Even with mammoth rallies and the endorsement of high-wattage stars, some kakampinks are still not satisfied and have called on Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto to declare his support for the presidential bid of Leni Robredo.

The neophyte mayor is with the Aksyon Demokratiko party of presidential aspirant Isko Moreno Domogaso and is the nephew of vice presidential candidate Vicente “Tito” Sotto III.

Vico, who has become popular for defeating a dynasty and instituting his own brand of governance, has not endorsed any presidential candidate.

But some supporters of Robredo insist that that he should back her candidacy.

In a Twitter post, political scientist Cleve Arguelles said Vico’s reelection bid is secure and so he should “step up.”

“Still moved by those who stepped up. By those who gave their endorsements even when it wasn’t politically advantageous to do so, when it was riskiest even for their own races. And if they can do it, so can the good mayor of Pasig City whose reelection isn’t in danger. Step up!” Arguelles said.

“Even more than an endorsement, actually. Shouldn’t he be mobilizing votes? Using the resources he has & the political capital enjoy to rally people for democracy & good gov? Isn’t this one of the most important elections of our life? It is too for him, and for the people of Pasig,” he further said.

Another Twitter user, @Cholol_, said the Pasig mayor’s silence makes him feel that he is only voting for him to prevent the return to power of the Eusebios.

“Hindi ko utang na loob na may maganda siyang ginawa for Pasig. That’s his duty and responsibility as a public servant,” the netizen added.

Other Robredo supporters called out those pressuring Vico and said he should be left alone to do his job.

Twitter user @dyolyannnn shared an interview with Vico where he explained that he was not endorsing any national candidate because his mandate is to focus on Pasig.

He has been instituting big changes in the city and this is not an easy task, the mayor said.

He also said Pasig residents are sick of being dictated upon and intimidated.

“Now, we want to make a stand that Pasig is open. Ang mayor ngayon hindi magdidikta sa inyo,” he said.

Twitter user lethalbeaan warned tthat cancelling Vico would not increase support for Robredo and would reinforce the narrative that kakampinks are bossy.

“pressuring vico to support leni won’t do any good. if he does it,that’s nice. but if not,it’s his choice. cancelling him would only make things worse. people would see this issue as the same ‘superior and bossy kapampinks’ that have always hindered people from converting to leni,” the netizen said.