Game fixing? Willie Ong bares offer to back out of the VP race in exchange for DOH post

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Vice presidential candidate Willie Ong on Saturday revealed that he had received an offer to drop out of the race in exchange for a plum position in the next administration.

But Ong assured his supporters that he would see the race through to the end.

In a video on Facebook, Ong narrated that somebody visited him at his home last December to ask him to withdraw and to declare his support for another candidate.

“Two weeks before the election, meron daw siya pakiusap sa akin. Ang pakiusap daw niya sabihin ko daw na aatras ako. Ano ako, siraulo?” he said.

The person asked Ong to urge his supporters to choose this other candidate instead and promised him rewards.

“Mamaya sasabihin niya, ‘Pag ginawa mo yan doc, ok ka na, sa iyo na ang DOH, sa iyo na ang 2025 senator. Piprintan kita ng T-shirt, may budget ka pa,’” he recalled.

Ong said he would not name this person or the candidate as he does not want to defame other people.

He also said he was not sure if the person had the blessing of the candidate, and said he would rather not speculate.

He was just divulging this so that people would know what is happening behind the scenes.

After receiving the offer, Ong said he went campaigning in Cagayan de Oro and Butuan to underscore the fact that he continue with his vice presidential bid.

“Akala ko ba mababa numero ko, akala ko ba wala, eh bakit kailangan pa ako pa-atrasin? Ano ‘to, game fixing?” he said.

He is serious about his candidacy, he said.

“Itong two weeks, sinasabi ko, tatakbo ako, serious ako, ako iboto niyo. Daming kalokohan. Kung gusto niyo matigil ang kalokohan sa bansa, ako iboto niyo, matitigil ito,” he said.