Quezon City govt tests the use of concrete plant box barriers to protect cyclists

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The Quezon City government is determined to make the city a safer place for cyclists.

It has installed concrete plant box barriers along the eastbound lane of Commonwealth Avenue near Philcoa to provide extra protection to cyclists.

This was part of a dry run to determine if this design would be adequate for the needs of the bicycle users.

“Layunin ng dry-run na pag-aralan ang paggamit ng concrete plant box barriers bilang kapalit ng plastic barriers sa ating mga QC Bike Lanes,” the Quezon City government said on Facebook.

The dry run would run for a month, and it encouraged the public to send their feedback about this undertaking.

If the new barriers would prove successful, the project would be continued in other roadways, it said.

“Kung maging matagumpay ang dry-run, maaaring magpatuloy ang paglatag ng mga concrete plant box barriers sa iba’t ibang Bike Lanes ng Lungsod, upang maging mas kaaya-aya at ligtas ang mga siklista sa Quezon City,” it said.