Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto honors the city’s top taxpayers, asks them to report corruption

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Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto paid tribute to the city’s top taxpayers and also asked for their help in ridding the city of corruption.

Sotto recognized the top 10 taxpayers during the flag ceremony at Pasig City Hall.

As he lauded their payment of taxes, he vowed to continue working to improve the ease of doing business in Pasig.

He also asked for their assistance in making Pasig City a better place by reporting any attempt to ask them for bribes or to coerce them into doing something in exchange for approving their permits.

This may not be easy, but this is necessary to make the city a better place, he said.

“It may be inconvenient for businesses to report corrupt gover”nment officials, but let’s embrace the shared responsibility of fighting for good governance. Let’s pass on a better government to the next generation,” he said.