Pasado na kay prof? Vico Sotto helps college student with homework

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Despite being busy with work and campaigning, Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto found time to help a college student with her homework.

Sotto shared on Twitter the notes he scribbled for a student, who tweeted him to ask if he could help her with her homework once he passed by her community to campaign.

The student scribbled on her notebook the question: “How the public can best participate in the planning process of LGUs?”

Sotto responded at length, as seen on the notes he wrote. Among the suggestions he made were for the people to participate at the barangay level in assemblies and barangay development councils, and to join non-government organizations or groups that will be part of development councils at the city level.

He said the proposed city budget goes through the development council for input before it is discussed by the city council.

Responding to the student’s tweet, Sotto said: “to na! Napasulat tuloy ako ng essay habang nasa caucus [laughing crying face emoji] DILG MC No. 2019-72 yung tinutukoy ko. Good luck sa assignment!”

We sure hope the student’s professor will give her top marks for getting Sotto’s thoughts!