Mayen Juico feels bittersweet as campaign period starts. Here’s why

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Mayen Juico’s nine-year run as Quezon City councilor is coming to a close.

The politiko kicked off the campaign period for local bets by leading the trail for her brother Joseph, who is looking to take her place.

“I remember the first day of my very first campaign in 2013 like it was yesterday—the nervousness, the anxiety, the excitement… there is nothing quite like it. Today is the first day of campaign for the local candidates and frankly, somehow, it also feels like the start of the end for me,” Juico said. “Super mixed emotions thinking about it.”

“For my big brother though, it definitely is a start. Kuya @juicejoe, first day! 44 days to go! (Grabe lang yung init sa house to house),” she added.

Good luck!