Planning a startup? Check out Joy Belmonte’s program for entrepreneurs

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Will the next big business launch in Quezon City?

In a bid to develop Quezon City’s startup business ecosystem, Mayor Joy Belmonte is set to launch a program where entrepreneurs can vie for a financial grant from the city government.

The Startup QC Program is aligned aims to provide a conducive environment for businesses and startups and encourage the creation of ingenious products, systems, and processes.

“The goal is to create business hubs that will inspire and empower QCitizens to create innovative business models that can help provide solutions to social issues or concerns. Through this program, we are encouraging entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to be part of the greater mission of improving our society,” Belmonte said.

The Startup QC Program is open to students and non-students alike. The program is composed of 3 phases: the evaluation phase, business development phase, and product development phase, all with curated activities to improve, mentor, and finalize business models from conceptualization to execution.

“Through this multi-million peso initiative to catalyze QC innovation, we will enable young startup ventures to thrive in the city, develop a QC business startup ecosystem and make Quezon City the Startup Capital of the Philippines,” Belmonte said.