Duterte on missing ‘sabungero’ case: ‘Let the police solve the problem’

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By Prince Golez

The case of the 34 missing sabungeros “is not the fault of the management,” President Rodrigo Duterte said as he again defended the continued operations of e-sabong in the country.

On Thursday, Duterte blamed “evil men” for the mysterious disappearance of cockfight enthusiasts.

“Let the police solve the problem… It’s not the fault of the management… It’s the fault of evil men doing something wrong. Lain ang kultura sa mga sabungero ug kanang mga sindikato. Nagkabukuhan lang sila eh. Ang problema gi patay tanan,” he said in a speech delivered in Leyte.

Meanwhile, the President noted that the government collects hundreds of millions from e-sabong every month.

“It gives the government P644 million ang buwan. In one year, it gives the government billions,” said Duterte.