Lovers in Dubai: Wes Gatchalian, wife dress like Arabian royalty in UAE trip

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Valenzuela Rep. Wes Gatchalian and his wife, Tiffany, made the most out of their recent trip to the United Arab Emirates by dressing up as a posh Arabian couple for photos.

Gatchalian shared on Instagram their photos from the trip, where they were dressed up as an Arabian sheikh and princess.

The caption read: “Meet Sheikh Wes bin Gatchy al MuhaGatch and Shaykah al Sheikinini Tiffy.”

Using hashtags, Gatchalian shared that the cosplay was his and his wife’s way of spending time while waiting for their flight back to the Philippines.

“#touristtrap #whenindubai #stayedtoolong #noflighthome #funmemoriestogether,” he wrote.