Eric Olivarez puts game face on for tennis game

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Eric Olivarez shows his competitive side.

The Parañaque congressman was invited as guest of honor for the opening of a sports fest in the city on Sunday, March 6.

The politiko put on his game face as he joined a tennis event.

“Played a tennis exhibition during the opening of the Annex 35 Tennis Cup Tournament, Barangay Don Bosco,” the politiko said.[0]=AZUKkD5FuLoCi1jOmI-kO7ibwNEVN6a9NECNirlRGr-Pm3vkkIpxigMtloXJT0qTAAWGMnDWqtI2Jvo97q7DCtN0oS4v2eWWH-O49yj7TZTtsFZinlCnPgtn-c00fyftIA8MXtPJ50Lk3WJa2NSEtQ4E&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R