Princess Abante survives panic of rushing her son to the ER

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Princess Abante’s son is now safe after an accident at home.

The Manila councilor and proud single mom shared how she’s had to contend with two separate emergency room episodes for each of her two sons over the course of a year.

Her son Irah’s forehead had to be stitched up last year after hitting it on their bed frame, now his brother Isaac banged his own head in the kitchen counter.

“Fortunately, the wound is not deep enough to get any stitches. Just a little steri strip to ‘seal the deal,’ the politiko said. “What I thought would be a dreadful trip to the hospital became a quick quality time road trip for Mommy and Isaac.”

Abante is now exploring solutions: either make the toddlers wear helmets, or stick them onto a velcro wall to keep them safe. How creative and funny!