Cheers, jeers as Rex Gatchalian welcomes Marcos Jr-Duterte to Valenzuela

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Rex Gatchalian invited fellow Valenzuelanos to come together and welcome the tandem of presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte to the city.

The “UniTeam” grand rally is set on Thursday, February 10. However, residents had mixed feelings about it.

Some took out their frustration on the city mayor.

“Mayor @rex_gatchalian di ba galit ka pag may Valenzuelanong hindi nagbabayad ng tax? Bakit suportado mo yung convicted tax evader?,” one Twitter user said.

“Yuck supporter ka pala ng Excon Gatchalian,” another wrote.

Others were supportive.

“Go Mayor, dedma sa mga negatrons. Kay Toni pa lang asar na sila,” one said.