Ruffy Biazon cuddles up with his adopted cat

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Ruffy Biazon inherited a cat from his expat neighbor who decided to move out of Manila.

The Muntinlupa congressman felt blessed after this otherwise snobby cat cozied up to his family after he was rehomed/

“Before the pandemic, our expat neighbor went back to their home country for a visit but got stuck there due to the international travel bans when the pandemic broke out. Eventually, they decided not to come back to the Philippines and just send their most prized possessions back to their home country,” the politiko shared the tale of how he got “Garfield”.

“Their cat, which was a regular visitor to our house, was offered to us for adoption. We are actually dog persons but decided to accept him,” he added.

It’s a different experience for the dog lover now that there’s a feline friend in the house.

“The difference in behavior between our dog Copper and our cat Garfield was clear and distinct,” Biazon said. “Copper is so friendly and will go to you whenever you call her while Garfield is snobbish and will approach you only whenever he feels like it.”

Welcome to the family!