Lacson lauds another honest ‘Ping’ who earns raves from netizens

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Another “Ping” has caught the eye and earned praise from netizens for being honest and trustworthy, mirroring the traits of Partido Reporma chairman and standard-bearer Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, who joined in lauding his namesake.

Coconut vendor “Tatay Ping” earned the approval of fans on TikTok for passing a social experiment done by vlogger Denso Tambyahero, who was seeking honest Filipinos. In the video, he asked people around him if they owned a wallet he had picked up that had P2,000 in cash in it, without identification cards.

While most people Denso asked claimed they owned the wallet and walked away with it, Tatay Ping told the TikToker: “Hindi po akin ‘yan. Kawawa naman ang naglalagan niyan [That wallet isn’t mine. I pity the person who lost it.]”

This act earned thousands of “hearts” on the social media platform for Tatay Ping, whom Denso surprised by telling the roving “buko” vendor he could keep the wallet and the money for his kind gesture, also to help repair the shambling pedicab and torn umbrella he was using to earn a living.

Lacson also praised his namesake, saying Tatay Ping’s honesty and integrity were the same lessons imparted by his parents growing up from their humble roots in Imus, Cavite. These traits, he said, were the same pillars that the Partido Reporma presidential bet leaned on in over 50 years in public service.

Denso’s post of Tatay Ping went viral on TikTok, as he praised the vendor for his dignity, saying: “Si Tatay Ping na yata ang may mabuting puso dahil ang naisip niya agad ay kawawa daw ‘yung nawalan ng wallet [Tatay Ping does have a good heart because he thought about the poor person who lost the wallet].”

The buko vendor also expressed his surprise over being rewarded just for standing on his principles, telling Denso: “Mahirap mag-ano [kumuha] ng hindi naman sa iyo talaga [It’s hard to claim something that really isn’t yours.]”

“Mamaya magabaan ka pa niyan. Papakain mo sa mga anak mo hindi naman tama… Pangit ‘yun, maganda ‘yung mamuhay ka nang parehas,” Tatay Ping added.

[Later on, you might find bad luck (by taking what you don’t own). You don’t feed your children with something that came from wrongdoing… that’s not good, we should learn to live a just life.]

“Syempre may mga anak ako, papakainin mo ‘yung mga anak mo na hindi mo naman pinagpawisan, mahirap ‘yun. Maganda ‘yung kahit paano, kahit konti lang, pinaghirapan mo,” the vendor added.

[Of course, I have children, and I don’t think of feeding them with something that I didn’t earn. It’s better to sustain your family from your own labor, even if you earn just a little.]

Netizens who responded to the viral TikTok rode on Tatay Ping’s words and compared it to the current situation leading to the May 9 national elections, with one person with username Aarhiz Hampaslupa saying: “Nice tatay. Sana mga ibang politicians natin ganyan rin mag-isip at hindi nagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan [Nice, father. I hope our other politicians think the same way and not steal from the nation’s coffers].”

Added user Ace lly, “Sabi nga nila hindi ka dapat humiling na maging mabuti ang isang tao. Be that person. Salute tatay. Napakabuti mo. Sayo din lodi na nag-vi-vid. Saludo po [As they say, you shouldn’t wish that other people be good. Be that person. We salute you, Tatay (Ping). You, too, who shot the video (Denso). Salute!”

“Fact: di lahat ng mahirap mapanamantala. Meron din mga taong tapat kahit sa kabila ng kagipitan. Salute kay tatay! [Fact: Not all who are poor are opportunists. There are honest people out there despite their poverty. Salute to you father!]” user Hazelle Reyes said.

User LORD FŔANĆIS left a jab for other politicians running in the 2022 elections, saying: “Si tatay takot pakain sa anak galing sa nakaw, yung iba nga di lang pinakain sa anak, pinambili pa luho, tapos tatakbo pang presidente.”

[Tatay (Ping) is afraid to feed his kids with profits from thieving, but others not only feed their kids with it, they also buy their luxuries, then run for President.]

Lacson was definitely not the one alluded to in the last comment as he has prided himself in being the eagle-eyed guardian of the national budget, watching for anomalies in government and living up to the anti-corruption advocacy he started as a soldier and policeman.

That’s why when he became chief of the Philippine National Police, Lacson made sure to remove all “kotong” (bribe-seeking) cops and enforced a “no-take” policy among the police ranks – the same principle he brought to the Senate, where he has refused his yearly “pork barrel” allocations.

As President, Lacson has vowed that his administration will follow through on his campaign mantras: “Aayusin ang Gobyerno, Aayusin ang Buhay ng Bawat Pilipino” (Fix the Government, Fix the Lives of Every Filipino) and “Uubusin ang Magnanakaw” (Get Rid of All Thieves).


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