Kabataan party-list: Assassination threat story just a ploy to divert the real issue from Marcos Jr

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By Billy Begas

The Kabataan party-list took offense at the Philippine National Police (PNP) report implicating it in the purported plot to assassinate presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

In a statement, Kabataan said it appears that the PNP-Anti Crime Group “is deliberately using this investigation to attack and defame” the group.

“Mentioning Kabataan tells more about the political bias and imminent meddling of the PNP in the upcoming May 9 elections, as has been done by the PNP in past elections, to benefit political blocs that are afraid of critical and active youth,” the group said.

It also said that the “so-called plot seems to be a ploy to divert public attention away from the important issues hounding Marcos Jr.’s presidential run — possible disqualification for not paying tax, reported quarantine violation, interview absences and their family’s atrocities and ill-gotten wealth which they cover up, among others.”

Kabataan said they “do not wish death upon Marcos Jr. On the contrary, we would very much like to see him, along with all other corrupt officials who exploited the nation, to be alive to face accountability for their crimes.”

The party-list group said that if they have a plan it is to win in the upcoming elections.