Duterte signs CCF Life Academy International law

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte has signed into law a measure that seeks to recognize CCF Life Academy Foundation Inc. located in Pasig as an educational institution of international character.

Republic Act No. 11638 allows the CCF Life Academy International a high degree of academic freedom and autonomy as a non-conventional international school and provides greater flexibility to incorporate international concepts and programs into its curriculum.

To improve its standard of instruction and meet the special needs of the foreign temporary resident community for quality education, the School shall:

-accept provisions and donations of every kind to carry out its purposes and use properties, real or personal, so donated and to construct and own buildings exclusively for educational purposes

-obtain leases on real properties, acquire personal properties, tangible or intangible, or any interests in such properties other than real, by purchase, lease, barter, donation, gift or otherwise, and dispose of, mortgage or encumber them for its benefit, subject to the limitations provided by law

-accept applicants for admission, regardless of nationality, in accordance with its own eligibility standards, and rules for admission and grade placement, provided no single alien nationality shall consist more than 30 percent of the entire student population in a given school year

-be managed and administered by a President, Headmaster or Superintendent, who possesses the qualifications prescribed by the Board; and

-upon consultation with the Secretary of Education, determine its own curriculum and teach whatever language or languages it may deem proper and determine the amount of fees and assessments which may be reasonably imposed upon its pupils and students, to maintain or conform to its standard of education.

Under the law, the School shall also maintain the international standard of education compatible with those obtained in similar schools of generally recognized standing, and employ its own teaching and management personnel selected by the Board either locally or abroad, from the Philippines or other countries or nationalities.

The CCF Life Academy International shall be under the supervision and regulation of the Department of Education (DepEd) and shall adhere to basic laws and rules and regulations of the DepEd governing international or foreign schools.