Mag-isolate na! Joy Belmonte admits slowdown in COVID-19 testing amid surge in cases

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Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte is urging residents who experience symptoms akin to COVID-19 to isolate themselves while waiting to be tested for the illness.

In a statement, Belmonte asked residents to be patient as the high volume of requests from people who want to get tested has slowed down the turnaround time for the results.

Belmonte said that the city government is ready for the possibility of another surge as hospitals, quarantine and isolation facilities, testing areas, and vaccination sites are being prepared to accommodate more QCitizens.

“Even before the year ended, the city government created Task Force Omicron dedicated to reinforcing the strategies and mitigating the spread of the virus,” she said.

In recent days, Quezon City and the rest of NCR + recorded higher COVID-19 cases. The OCTA Research Group reported an average of 333 new cases per day for the week of December 29 to January 3, compared to an average of 18 new cases during the week of December 21 to 28. This is an increase of 1750% over the course of one week.