So sweet! Mayen Juico’s daughter gifts her cash after learning mom spent a lot for holidays

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Mayen Juico has successfully taught his daughter about the value of generosity and empathy.

The Quezon City councilor was so amazed with her unica hija’s kindness when she received an envelope with P21 in it as her New Year’s gift for her, which the kid got from her own piggy bank.

“According to her, I have been spending a lot on presents, giving money, etc. and might need the extra cash. She worried that I might have too little money when we ring in the new year. My darling girl,” the politiko said, so moved by the gesture.

“While we say goodbye to the year 2021 and our 20 peso bills… I will hold on to this bill and new year’s eve memory for much longer,” she added. “May this year bring you more treasured memories with those special to you. And may you always, always feel loved. It’s the best feeling, ever.”