Vico Sotto orders clearing of campaign posters on Pasig property

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Vico Sotto ordered Pasig’s operatives to take down any and all election materials and posters they will see attached to any Pasig-owned building or walls.

The Pasig mayor is strict about campaigning rules, his own materials included. In fact, that was one of three reminders he issued to city hall workers during their Monday flag ceremony.

“No election-related paraphernalia in public property. Pwede nating tulungan ang POD na tanggalin ang mga ito, lalo na kapag city property. ‘Wag galawin ang nasa private,” the politiko said.

As the election season heats up, Sotto added that city workers should be sober and reserved despite all the mudslinging.

“Employees, especially regular and casual employees, should follow civil service rules and NOT be involved in campaign/electioneering activities. Co-term employees and Sanggunian appointees not included,” he added.