Walang palakasan! Vico Sotto reforms Pasig’s public housing program

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Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto has scrapped the “open application” for the city’s socialized housing program, which allowed those close to politikos to get homes even if they weren’t qualified.

In a series of tweets to mark Bonifacio Day, Sotto shared that a Housing Code has been signed laying down the guidelines for public housing applicants.

“1 yr ago, also #BonifacioDay, we signed our Housing Code Since then we’ve -reformed system where those ‘close to d kitchen’ get multiple units -near city reloc for urgent (washed out/court order) -Rosario Floodway Ppl’s Plan soil testing -Expro/writ of possession for 2pcs of land Ang programa natin sa pabahay ay TARGETED muna,” the mayor explained.

Sotto said “open application” for public housing units has been put on hold in favor of processing the applications of deserving residents.

“Prioridad ang nasa Danger Zone na matatagal na sa Pasig. (Mga politiko rin ang nagpatira sa mga area gaya ng Floodway. It’s a matter of social justice),” he said.