Mayen Juico celebrates beating COVID-19

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Mayen Juico happily announced that she is COVID-free after weeks in isolation.

But the Quezon City councilor wants her experience to be a cautionary tale, reminding supporters and friends not to let their guards down just because new COVID-19 infections are on a decline.

“I am hopeful that we are at the tail end of this virus… but, humabol pa ako sa last call,” the politiko said. “I found out I was positive 2 days before my birthday and tested negative after I completed my isolation. In the condo, I was case #1 again. I am fully vaccinated and had mild symptoms, but remain vigilant for other health concerns following my infection as the long term effects of this virus have yet to be determined.”

“Huwag na kayong humabol sa last call like me, and let’s still be careful. So we can all hopefully be healthy and covid free this Christmas,” she added.