Mayen Juico lobbies hard for better sex ed in QC schools

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Mayen Juico thinks it’s about time to be more open to educate teens properly about responsible sexual behavior.

The Quezon City councilor made this as her advocacy during recent events hosted by the local government.

“The dialogue with our adolescents on sex, comprehensive sexuality and reproductive health education, the risks of early pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, diseases, intergenerational poverty, should not be a cringey topic,” the politiko said, breaching the taboo. “It is not something us parents, you, as peers, and our schools should be avoiding. Because this is a challenge for all of us.”

She delivered the speech in front of Grade 11 students in the city, hoping they will learn to practice safe sex when the time comes.

“The reality is more young women are getting pregnant earlier in their life. Their lives are drastically changed, and more often than not, it is not for the better,” she added. “If there is no compassion for our young women and the life they could face, we will not be compelled to take action. And act now, we must.”