Due to insistent clamor: Marcy Teodoro waives penalties for Marikina market vendors

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Marikina Mayor Marcelino Teodoro has signed an ordinance waiving the penalties and interests imposed on stall occupants at the Marikina public market who have fallen behind on paying their rent.

In a statement, Teodoro said he learned about the vendors’ plight when they approached him on October 8, just before he filed his candidacy for reelection.

“They told me that the number of their customers decreased due to quarantine restrictions. I listened to them, and so I immediately ordered the City Council to pass an ordinance that will waive such penalties and interests burdening our market stall occupants,” he explained.

Teodoro said waiving the penalties on the delinquent stall occupants is the local government’s “little way” of helping them cope with the pandemic.

“The impacts of the pandemic are real, but we can unite and help each other through these hard times. We’ll surpass these challenges together,” he said.