Miro Quimbo says he always envied Chito Gascon’s bravery

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Miro Quimbo said the death of Commission on Human Rights chairperson Chito Gascon is one painful loss to the country.

“I have met many people in my lifetime but there are just a handful I truly envy. My mother would always tell me not to be envious of others kasi hindi daw healthy yun,” the former Marikina congressman said. “Si Chito was one such person – kaka inggitan mo talaga sya.”

“When most of us stood by the sidelines, he was always there by his lonesome calling a spade a spade. He never needed to shout to point things out. Yet in his soft calm demeanor, his words were like the sharpest scalpel that could easily remove malignant tumors of the powerful. When everyone else was quiet, he stood there with his cane in one hand and dared to tell the emperor that he was not wearing any clothes,” the politiko added.

Quimbo offered respects to the brave warrior and human rights defender, who has succumbed to COVID-19 over the weekend.

“You are a rare patriot Chito. I hope my children grow up to be like you.”