Isko Moreno advises students: Believe in God, study hard

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Manila Mayor Isko Moreno may not be a religious person, but he believes in a God that causes all things to work for the greater good.

In a talk before students and faculty members of the University of the East Manila on Sept. 10, Moreno advised the youth to value their education.

He recalled his humble beginnings and how he was only able to resume his education as an adult because he had to stop schooling as a boy due to poverty.

“Believe me, kapag nakapag-aral ka, naku po Diyos ko lilinaw ang pananaw mo, ‘yun ang benepisyo, lilinaw ang pananaw mo sa buhay, medyo pipino, magkakaroon ng direksyon. Plus the fact that there will be opportunities for you,” he said.

Moreno urged the youth to have faith in God or in a higher being.

“I don’t care how ‘yung way towards Him, basta yung Diyos nasa langit, may kanya-kanya tayong way,” he said.

“’Di naman ako religious, ‘di nga ako nakakasimba masyado, but I pray everyday because of the belief there is a greater power among ourselves,” Moreno added.