Pretty in pink! Emi Calixto Rubiano glows in cover of Philippines Graphic magazine

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Pasay Mayor Emi Calixto Rubiano was the epitome of a politiko that’s hard at work as she graced the cover of Philippines Graphic magazine for August.

Photos of the cover and the interview with Calixto Rubiano were featured on her Facebook page.

“The article contains a detailed story of Mayor Emi and her passion for service to the Pasayeños. Likewise, it also covers the different programs that were launched, COVID Response activities that became role models in the Metro, and Mayor Emi’s HELP Program platform, which is the blueprint for progress in Pasay City,” the caption read.

In the interview, Calixto Rubiano detailed how she entered politics, as well as her relationship with her brother, Tony, who’s now the congressman representing Pasay.

The mayor also shared how she juggles her responsibilities as a leader, wife and mother.