Toby Tiangco exposes the hidden perk of face masks

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Face masks do more than protect people from COVID-19 — it can also save you from embarrassment.

Navotas Mayor Toby Tiangco found a way to convince fellow men to wear their face masks properly in this comical campaign from the city government.

Apart from guarding against viruses, the politiko highlighted that the mask can also protect your identity— especially when one has a secret to hide.
perks of face mask

“Sa mga mister, siguraduhing tama ang pagsuot ng face mask. Kailangan ng dobleng pag-iingat di lang sa COVID kundi pati na rin kay misis,” Tiangco said, joking that it’s an essential safeguard for cheaters.

“Biro lang ha, alam ko namang mababait na mister ang mga Navoteño,” he added. Ayos ba?