No jab goes to waste: QC implements quick substitution list for vaccinations

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The local government of Quezon City is encouraging residents and workers to sign up for the quick substitution list (QSL) so they can take the place of scheduled COVID-19 vaccine recipients who failed to show up for their appointments.

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte said the QSL ensures all vaccines at a site will be consumed.

“Having a QSL allows us to immediately utilize all vaccines allotted for the day and in turn, hasten our vaccination drive even if some of the scheduled individuals don’t show up,” she said.

Individuals who go to vaccination sites even without prior appointments can register under the QSL. A member of staff will call them back to the vaccination site later in the day to receive their jabs once it becomes clear that scheduled vaccinees won’t arrive or have been advised against taking the jab by doctor-screeners.

Belmonte, however, clarified that signing up in the QSL, does not guarantee a vaccination slot on the same day, as it will depend on available vaccines at the site.