Sexist lang kayo! Netizens defend Joy Belmonte from bashers

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These netizens believe Joy Belmonte is drawing too much flak than what is warranted.

The Quezon City mayor fell victim to peddlers of lies as her photo was edited to make it seem like she was pulling an epal move to congratulate Filipina Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz, as someone edited a fake banner with the politiko’s picture bigger than the champ.

Some Twitter users were disgusted by the ploy and the backlash.

I’m gonna say it. Most of those who shared the fake news/meme on mayor joy just really wanted to hate on her. She’s been doing a great job & handling the pandemic better than most mayors who are men,” user @vinceliban said. “Minsan hindi ignorance ang nagpapalala ng fake news sa kanya. Madalas misogyny.”

Others pointed out that she is doing basically what other mayors in Metro Manila are doing, except that she’s a woman.

Another admitted that Belmonte “had a lousy start addressing the pandemic” but has improved.