Kit Belmonte blasts Trillanes’ critique of LP alliances

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Kit Belmonte argued against former Senator Sonny Trillanes, who expressed dismay at the Liberal Party for its plan to adopt politikos from other parties as their possible 2022 candidates.

The Quezon City congressman said he has “deep respect” for Trillanes, but that is mistaken with his idea that the LP can fight on its own during the upcoming elections, including the likes of Senator Manny Pacquiao and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

“How he wants to run his presidential campaign is his prerogative…
Only the VP can unite all pro-democracy forces. And as she would always say: ‘hindi pwedeng tayo-tayo lang,'” Belmonte added.

“Hindi pwedeng nasa mga sarili nating echo chamber lang tayo lagi. We need to reach out and listen to others.”