‘Ever so patient, loving’: Abby Binay shares proof Luis Campos is a doting dad

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Makati Mayor Abby Binay paid tribute on Father’s Day to her husband, Makati Rep. Luis Campos, by sharing rare photos of him bonding with their daughter.

Binay posted on Facebook old photos of her husband with their daughter from the time she was a baby. Campos was all smiles in the pictures as he doted on their only child, Martina.

In the caption, Binay said their daughter is lucky to have Campos as dad.

“Our daughter is fortunate to see and experience the sides of you unknown to many. Ever so patient, funny, indulgent and loving,” she said.

“These pictures only give a glimpse of who you are, but to Martina, they capture what we love best about you. Happy Father’s Day, Babe!” Binay added.