Isko Moreno’s biggest realization during pandemic: Money is worthless


It took the COVID-19 pandemic to make Manila Mayor Isko Moreno realize that money, despite its value, is worthless when a person is sick.

Moreno shared the greatest lesson he learned during the health crisis on Karen Davila’s May 15 Youtube vlog.

“Walang value ang pera,” the mayor said. “You know why? A person got infected with COVID-19. Money cannot buy space in private hospitals because everybody is there.”

“So pinagpantay yung mayaman, super yaman, middle class at mahirap,” he added.

Recalling some wealthy people he knew who passed away due to COVID-19, Moreno said money is no guarantee that someone will survive from the disease.

“Walang posisyon, walang power, walang pera na pwedeng panlaban sa COVID,” he said.