Take shade for 30 minutes: Benhur Abalos allows MMDA enforcers to take ‘heat stroke break’


Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Benhur Abalos has brought back the 30-minute “heat stroke break” policy to protect the health of on-duty field personnel during the dry season.

Under the policy, on-duty traffic enforcers and street sweepers are allowed to leave their posts in shifts and take a 30-minute break to rest.

The heat stroke break shall be done alternately by those who are assigned in a particular area to maintain visibility of traffic enforcers and street sweepers and to ensure field operations are not hampered.

“Our personnel’s safety is our paramount concern. This special heat stroke break is available for traffic enforcers and street sweepers who work under the dry season’s searing heat and protect them from heat exhaustion, heat stroke and heat cramps,” Abalos said.

Should the heat index in Metro Manila reach 40 degrees Celsius and above, a 15-minute break will be added to the enforcers’ allowed rest time. The granting of heat stroke break shall take effect until May 31, 2021.